1. Ingredients from AHA compound and Urea, breaks down the dead skin cell leaving your feet soft just like a baby’s.
2. Foot cleanser that’s made just for feet. Foot peeling mask that removes dead skin cells.
3 type of foot creams that delivers nutrition, all at once!
3. large size. That is easy to wear in the shape of socks that are easy to use even for people with large feet.
4. If your skin is thicker, please wear it for longer than 90 minutes, it will improve your ability to exfoliate.
5. if you soak your feet around the time when your feet’s dead skin cells are breaking down, you can reduce the usage time.
6. If you forcibly peel off the skin and the skin may react sensitively.

[PRRETI]Foot Care 3-Step Program 2Packs

  • 1. Using a foot cleanser, thoroughly wash and dry your feet. (Step1) 2. Tear off foot peeling mask along the cut line and place on your feet.(Step2) 3. Using the enclosed sticker, fully cover your feet. Leave on for about 60-90 minutes, and then rinse off with water. 4. Apply foot cream and gently massage(Step3)