• Easy to use on a busy morning

Lightly wipe off natural facial oils from overnight and night care products and rinse off with water

  • Lightly rub in

Makeup and skin impurities are easily removed even without forcibly rubbing


  • Makeup ALL KILL

Mild but powerful cleansing to thoroughly remove heavy makeup!

This premium cleansing tissue removes makeup and skin impurities

  • Impurities ALL KILL

Double cleanse using soft cleansing tissue!

Soft to touch on your fragile skin Mild liquid leaves fresh and moist finish







[PRRETI] Perfect Clean Cleansing Tissues( 30ea) 3Packs

    • Cucumber extract

    Cucumbers are rich in water and supply moisture to the skin to keep it moisturized

    • Broccoli sprout extract

    Broccoli is one of the top 10 foods for longevity in the world. Containing vitamin C and beta-carotene, it invigorates the skin

    • Matured honey and celery

    The skin-moisture barrier made from naturally matured honey and celery extract for 72 hours provides moist cleansing